Title: Why there is debate about the cognitive advantage of being bilingual

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Date: May 23 (Thursday), 2019

Time: 15:00-18:00 (or to be adjusted as needed)
Place: 6th floor in the main conference building (Bldg no. 701)
            HIT (Hanyang Institute for Technology) Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea) (TBA for the room no.)

- Anne Cutler (Western Sydney U, MARCS)
- Mark Antoniou (Western Sydney U, MARCS)
In this workshop, we will provide a historical overview and current assessment of the debate concerning whether bilingualism confers a cognitive processing advantage. We will examine the manifestations of bilingual performance and their implications for spoken-language processing. And we will identify issues that have contributed to the debate, and why the field currently finds itself in an impasse, as well as explore future research approaches that may advance the field
Basic outline of the workshop (tentative, subject to change)

15:00-15:30 (Anne Cutler)
Background.  The components of spoken language processing; manifestations of bilingualism and their implications for processing

15:30-16:30 (Mark Antoniou)
Overview of how the cognitive effects of use of more than one language have been regarded, and the science that made this topic hot!

16.30-16.50: COFFEE BREAK

16.50-17.20 (Anne Cutler)

Counter-evidence, limitations, population variations and confounds.

 17:20-17:50 (Mark Antoniou)
Summary: What do we know for sure? What is the most important type of data to go looking for now?

17.50-18.00 (or later) 
General discussion. (NB There will also be opportunity for questions in each of the sections.)

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