1. Designated hotel for international presenters

Hotel Vision (비전 호텔; 베스트웨스턴 호텔)
Hotel Vision is located near Wangsimni Station (Line 2, Line 5, Gyeongui-Jungang Line, Bundang Line). It is at a walking distance (approx. 5min) from Exit 2.

Address: #277 Gosanjaro, Seongdong-Gu, Seoul
           서울특별시 성동구 고산자로 277 (도선동 2번지) 비전 호텔
Tel : 02-2296-2244~8
Fax : 02-2296-2249
E-mail : info@hotelvision.co.kr
Url: https://www.hotelvision.co.kr:9013/eng/ (in English)
       https://www.hotelvision.co.kr:9013/index.html?language=kr (in Korean)
       https://www.hotelvision.co.kr:9013/ch/index.html?language=ch (in Chinese)


How to get from Incheon Airport (인천국제공항) to Hotel Vision
Taking the Airport Limousine Bus is the most popular way to get to the hotel, but you can also take the taxi at a reasonable fee.

1. By Airport Limousine Bus: Take Limousine Bus No. 6010 from Platform 6B or 13A and get off at Wangsimni Station (왕십리역; indicated with a red triangle in the map below). When you get off, you can either walk (blue solid line indicated in the map) or take a taxi at the taxi stop (black dotted line indicated in the map) to get to the hotel.
  - Estimated time of travel: 1h 30m for the bus ride
  - Fee: 15,000KRW/13USD

2. By Taxi
: Take a taxi at a taxi stop. (You should take the taxi at an official taxi stop to avoid overcharging.) Provide the driver with the address of Hotel Vision in Korean OR tell the driver to go to Seongdonggu Office (성동구청; indicated in the map), which is across the road from Hotel Vision.
  - Address in Korean:
서울특별시 성동구 고산자로 277 (도선동 2번지)
  - Estimated time of travel: 1 hour if there is no severe traffic.
  - Fee: Make sure to refer to the taximeter for the fee, which will be around 65,000KRW/55USD.
             If the fee exceeds too much, please call us.

How to get from Hotel Vision to HIT, Hanyang University (한양대학교 HIT; conference venue)

On Foot: You can walk from the hotel to Hanyang University. Please refer to the direction indicated in the map below.
  - Estimated time of travel: 20 mins

By Bus
  (1) Take Bus No. 2222 from Seongdonggu Office bus stop (
성동구청; 1 min away from the hotel towards Wangsimni Station).
  (2) After 3 stops, get off at Hanyang University bus stop (
  (3) Walk to HIT.
  - Estimate time of travel: 15 mins (5 mins for the bus ride)
  - Fee: 1,200KRW/1.00USD

By Subway
  (1) Take subway Line 2
(green line) from Wangsimni Station (왕십리역).
  (2) Get off at the next station, Hanyang University Station (
한양대역). Exit from Exit 2. Walk to HIT.
  - Estimated time of travel: 15 mins (2 mins for the subway)
  - Fee: 1,250KRW/1.05USD

By Taxi: Take a taxi in front of the hotel and ask the driver to go to HIT (pronounced H-I-T) in Hanyang University.
  - Estimated time of travel: 10 mins
  - Fee: 4,000 ~ 4,500KRW/3~4USD

*** Note that minimum fare for a taxi in Seoul is 3,800KRW/3.25USD.***
You must pay the fare according to the taxi meter. In Seoul, you can get to most of the places at a rate less than 32,000KRW/27USD. Please be aware of this so that you do not get overcharged.

Direction from Hotel Vision to Hanyang University HIT

2. For those who wish to individually book a hotel

If you are not presenting at HISPhonCog 2018 but still wish to book a room near Hanyang University, here are some options:
1. Hotel Vision (비전 호텔; *designated hotel for international presenters)Hotel Vision is located at Wangsimni Sataion (왕십리역), which is approximately 5 mins away by bus or 2 mins subway from Hanyang Univ. Station.
  - Fee: 70USD per night
  - Contact:
  **Please make sure to mention
HISPhonCog 2019 when you contact the hotel.

2. Hotel President
(프레지던트 호텔)
Hotel President is located near Euljiro 1 (il)-ga Station (
을지로입구역) and City Hall Station (시청역), which is approximately 15 mins away by subway from Hanyang Univ. Station.
  - Fee: 140USD per night for a deluxe room (includes breakfast for 1 person)
  - Contact: http://www.fastbookings.biz/DIRECTORY/preresa.phtml?style=DIRECT&Hotelnames=ASIAKRHTLPresident&langue=uk&FSTBKNGCode=HPC2018&FirstDate=180511

  **Only a limited number of delux rooms are available.

Hotel Atti (호텔 아띠)
Hotel Atti is located at Seongsu Station (성수역), which is approximately 3 mins away by subway from Hanyang Univ. Station.
  - Contact: