HISPhonCog 2018

Hanyang Interntional Symposium on Phonetics and Cognitive Sciences of Language 2018

Dates: May 18-19, 2018
Venue:  HIT, Hanyang University, Seoul.
Address: HIT, 222, Wangsimni-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

Hanyang Institute for Phonetics and Cognitive Sciences of Language (HIPCS), together with the Department of English Language and Literature at Hanyang University , launches its first annual international symposium on current issues in phonetics and cognitive sciences of language. Many subphonemic and gradient aspects of speech, whether segmental or suprasegmental, which were once considered to be beyond the speaker’s control, are now understood as part of the linguistic system stipulated by the grammar of a given language. The theme of this year’s symposium is linguistic/cognitive functions of such phonetic granularity in speech production and/or perception in L1 and L2.  

Invited Speakers & Commentator

Invited Speakers 

Aoju Chen (Utrecht University, the Netherlands)
Mirjam Ernestus (Radboud University, the Netherlands)
Elizabeth Johnson (University of Toronto, Canada) 
Holger Mitterer (University of Malta, Malta)
Eva Reinisch (University of Munich, Germany)
Annie Tremblay (University of Kansas, USA)
Natasha Warner (University of Arizona, USA)

Anne Cutler (Western Sydney University, MARCS, and ARC Centre of Excellence, Australia)

The Organizing Committee

Taehong Cho (Chair, Hanyang University, Seoul),
Ki-jeong Lee (Hanyang University, Seoul)
Sahyang Kim (Hongik University, Seoul)
Say Young Kim (Hanyang University, Seoul)
Jiyoun Choi (Hanyang University, Seoul)
Jonny Jungyun Kim (Hanyang University, Seoul)