Zhang Qiao
 (Spring 2017 - Spring 2019)
Zhang Qiao is a master student. She has research interests in the landscape & urban ecosystems, with specific focuses on the impact of Post-industrial landscapes. In 2017, Zhang Qiao participated and obteined an Hanyang Urban Academic Festival Excellence Award.Her master’s research is a Study on the Post-Occupancy Evaluation Based on the Revitalization of Waterfront Park Using Industrial Heritage. Currently, Zhang Qiao holds her B.S. degree in Environment Art Design with an honor of Cum Laude from Xi'an University Of Technology.

Seungwon Lim 
(Spring 2017 - Spring 2019)

Seungwon Lim is a master student. He holds a major in instrumental music
flute, In the conservatory. He was interested in studying urban regeneration and sense of place with an emphasis on sound preferences. Seungwon Lim current research is an A Study on Sounds Preference for the Sense of Place Improvement of Gwanghwamun Square. In 2017, he was awarded with the "drosscape resilient" prize in the design exhibition of Hanyang City Science Institute. Currently, Seungwon Lim works as an research assistant of landscape & urban ecosystems lab.

Johanna Isabel Maldonado Lopez
(Fall 2017- Spring 2019)

Isabel Maldonado is an Ecuadorian master student in the Department of Urban Design and Landscape Ecological Architecture. She has research interests in architecture landscape design and the regeneration of urban vacant land for the revitalization of the environment and the benefit of the community. Her current research is an assessment method for the regeneration of vacant land typology, focus in Quito – Ecuador. Before joining the lab, Isabel worked in a construction company in Ecuador designing architectural emergency houses for low-income people. Isabel holds B.S. degree in architecture, Department of Architecture and Interior Design in San Francisco University, Ecuador.

Safa Al Shukairi
( Fall 2017 – Spring 2019)
Safa Al Shukairi is an Omani master student in the department of Urban Design and Landscape Ecological Architecture. She has research interests in design of urban environment ecology and regeneration. Her current research investigates in an ecological planning method on urban green infrastructure typology in arid environment, focused on Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, by improving the quality of the climate, social lifestyle and the economy of the country. Safa holds B.S. degree in Urban Planning and Architectural Design from The German University of Technology in Oman.

Li Yuetong (Spring 2019 - )
Li Yuetong is a master student. She has research interests in urbanism, with a specific focus on the form and use of public spaces as to improving the quality of urban life. Li Yuetong holds B.S. degree in Urban Planning.Architecture Design with an honor of LuXun Academy of Fine Arts.