About Program

Hanyang’s Visiting Student Program provides opportunities to students from partner or non-partner institutions to study for a semester or a year in one of Korea’s best universities located in the center of Seoul by enrolling directly to Hanyang University.
Hanyang offers various key advantages to the program; Exclusive Courses, Nanodegree, Internship Program. Take a look at the program highlights and join us.

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1. Must be currently enrolled in higher institution
2. No GPA or language proficiency requried

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees
Tuition Fees (KRW / per semester) 4,000,000 KRW
•  Partner Discount (Students from Partner Institutions): 10%
•  Group Discount (Discount rate differs based on the number)
Tuition Fees
Group Discount
10 or more students 20 or more students 30 or more students
5% off 10% off 15% off


Spring Semester Fall Semester
Application Period October 1 - November 30 April 1 - May 31
Semester Begins March September
Semester Ends June December

Application Process and Timeline

Tuition Fees
Process Online Application Announcement of Acceptance Tuition Payment Visa Application* Course Registration
Spring Semester Oct 1 ~ Nov 30 Within 2 weeks after application complete Within 2 weeks after application submission Dec to Jan Early Feb / Early Mar
Fall Semester Apr 1 ~ May 31 Jun to Jul Early Aug / Early Sep
* Students must enter Korea with their student visa(D-2-8).

Required documents

Tuition Fees
  1) Color ID Photo 🗸 Colored copy, Face only, JPEG format, 20KB or less
  2) Passport 🗸 Valid until 6 months or longer from the end date of program
  3) Certificate of Enrollment 🗸 English Version with University logo or stamp that states you are currently enrolled in a higher institution
  4) Health Insurance Certificate 🗸 Written in English
🗸 Indicate applicant as a beneficiary
🗸 Valid during the entire trip in Korea
🗸 Cover int’l travel and medical expenses in Korea
Indicate coverage and insure amount
  5) Financial Affidavit 🗸 Proof documents must be submitted with financial affidavit form
*Additional documents can be required according to applicant’s nationality



• Before student arrives in Korea: Need to apply for D-2-8 VISA

All foreign visiting students need to obtain D-2-8 visa for their studies at Hanyang. Hanyang University provides "Certificate of Admission" and "Business Certificate of Hanyang University" when your admission to Hanyang is confirmed. And with other documents you may be required for your application of a D-2-8 visa, make sure to complete visa application at Korean Embassy.

• After student arrives in Korea: Need to apply for an Alien Registration Card with the proper VISA.

D-2-8 visa is a single-entry visa and it will be valid only for 90 days after student’s arrival in Korea. Therefore, students should apply for an "Alien Registration Card (ARC)" to extend their stay to complete the program and to allow themselves to travel to other countries if needed.
Students cannot leave Korea until receiving FRC. Leaving Korea without FRC will result in cancellation of the visa and the visiting student program.


Program Highlights

1. Exclusive Courses

We offer the following courses exclusively for our visiting students, thus the course registration is much less competitive. Popular courses were selected based on the former international students’ preferences.

Exclusive Courses for Visiting Students
Course Code Course Title
DCC2030 Digital Marketing
VEN2020 Consumer Behavior and Contents Creation
VEN3023 Behavioral Economics for Business Strategies
VEN3022 Introduction to Business Analytics
DIS1015 Business and Environmental Ethics
PPL4018 The Korean Economy
CUL1189 Contemporary Korean Studies
VEN2019 Culture of Korea and Korean Wave
D-C2096 History of Korean Cinema
CUL1115 Aesthetic Awareness in the Modern World
GEN4091 Philosophical Understanding of Science and Technology
ENE4019 Computer Networks
tbd Media Communication in Korea
tbd Cultural Industry and Data Analysis
tbd Platform Revolution and Culture Industry
tbd Understanding K-Pop Industry
VEN1001 Modern Society & Marketing Online
ECO1006 Principles of Microeconomics Online
TBD Revolutions in Science and Technology Online
TBD Social Innovation in Korea Online

2. Nanodegree

Nanodegree provides students the opportunity to build basic, essential skills to start a career in business, and to supplement their credentials with an additional academic achievement. A nanodegree requires 6 credits (2 courses) and can be completed in one semester.

Students who complete nanodegree will obtain a Digital Open Badge and certificate from Hanyang OIA.

A Digital Open Badge is a blockchain-based digital certificate that verifies a student’s completion of a nanodegree track, the courses and processes they have undertaken, demonstrating the skills and competencies they have acquired.

Digital Open Badge
Digital Open Badge
Digital Open Badge
Digital Open Badge

  ※ Nanodegrees – 4 sets (subject to change)
Business Analytics Korean Marketing

This program empowers students with the skills to pose targeted questions, proficiently collect and manage both structured and unstructured data, and extract meaningful analytic insights. Participants will gain the expertise needed to leverage data-driven insights in order to influence critical business decisions.

· Introduction to Business Analytics (VEN3022)
· Business Research & Analytics (VEN4005)

This program hones students into adept strategists, providing expertise in formulating impactful marketing strategies through a deep understanding of the intricate dynamics within the Korean economy, consumer behavior, and corporate landscape.

· The Korean Economy (PPL4018)
· Consumer Behavior and Contents Creation (VEN2020)
Digital Marketing Consumer Behavior

In this program, students will learn about digital marketing trends and skills. Specifically, this program will cover high-tech marketing, online marketing, and content marketing.

· Digital Marketing (DCC2030)
· Consumer Behavior and Contents Creation (VEN2020)

This program delves into the intricacies of consumer decisions, exploring the impact of environmental and psychological factors from both marketing and behavioral economics perspectives. Armed with this knowledge, participants will be empowered to construct highly effective marketing strategies that resonate with and influence consumer choices.

· Consumer Behavior and Contents Creation (VEN2020)
· Behavioral Economics for Business Strategies (VEN3023)

3. Internship Program

Students who are interested in an Internship Program as well as academic semester in Korea are welcome to join Hanyang where you can do both in one semester.

Internship Programs Offered
Semester-long Offline Internship 2-weeks-long Online Mini-Internship
Overview · 20~25 working hours per week at a host company
· ‘5 days/week during morning or afternoon’ OR ‘3 days/week 4~8 hours/day’
· Take at least one academic course

· 2 weeks online educational mini-internship program within the semester
· Receive tasks from companies, receive mentoring from professionals, and receive evaluations
· Take regular academic courses

Fees · Tuition Fee KRW 2,000,000 (50%)
· Internship Program KRW 3,800,000
· Tuition Fee KRW 4,000,000
· Internship Program KRW 300,000 (TBC)
Features · Job interview & placement takes place in home country via online
· Real work-experience in start-up companies
· Certificate issued after completion
· Brief experience what it’s like working in Korea and develop their career skills via online
· Fields of marketing, planning, sales
· Certificate issued after completion