Foreign Registration Card (FRC)

Mandatory to apply for Foreign Registration Card
- MUST be registered within 90 days after arrival
- Until you receive your FRC, you CANNOT leave Korea
- Leaving Korea during application will result in CANCELLATION of VISA
- Study in Korea without FRC is illegal

Student ID

Student ID  Student ID

Usage of Student ID Card

● Access to buildings, library and dormitory
● T-money card
● Debit card (Opening bank account is needed)

Korean Bank Account

How to open a Bank Account (Debit Card)
● When : As soon as receiving FRC (*receiving FRC may take upto 1-2 months)
● Place : Shinhan Bank, 3F Alumni Assoication Building (Bldg. #607)
● Required Documents : FRC / Passport / HYU Student ID Card
● Instruction LINK