Venue:  HIT, Hanyang University, Seoul.
Address: HIT, 222, Wangsimni-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

HISPhonCog 2018 will be held at the 6th floor of Hanyang Institute of Technology (HIT), Hanyang University. The building number for HIT is 701.

Campus map and amenities:

- The easiest way to locate yourself on campus is to find building numbers around you. Every building has its own building number written on the outside wall.
- Free parking tickets will be provided at the registration desk (up to 12 hours/day). You may park at any legal parking stall on campus marked by a white line, but the closest is the underground parking structure at the Hanyang Cyber University building (Building #702) on the B1&B2 levels. The entrance to #702 is indicated by a red arrow on the map. Since #702 is annexed to HIT, you can simply take the elevator from the parking levels to the 6th level.
- Lunch will be provided on both days at a cafeteria located at Hangwon Park (Building #707, B1 level).
- A nearby coffee shop and a convenience store (Building #503) can be found in front of the Engineering Building 1 (Building #212).
- Free Wi-Fi is available at the conference venue (HIT, Building #701). You can access to the network named "HYU-wlan(Free)" without a password. Note that this network may not be available at other places on campus.