Registration Info:
  • Registration is free for both presenters and non-presenters (general audience) and for both international and domestic attendants, if Early Registration is made (by March 31 for international presenters; by April 20 23 for all other attendants including general audience.)
Early Registration
(for international presenters)
Early Registration
(all other participants)
Late Registration On-site Registration
by March 31 by April 15 20 23 by May 5 10 May 26-27
(with free accommodation)
Free (50% reduced)
Student: 20 USD
(25,000 KRW)
Non-student: 40 USD
(50,000 KRW)
Student: 40 USD
(50,000 KRW)
Non-student: 80 USD
(100,000 KRW)
  • * All types of registration come with (1) program handbook; (2) all-day-long coffee and refreshments; (3) two lunches; (4) banquet. 

* Important: In the past, we found that some people signed up for lunches and the banquet (just because they were free) and did not show up, resulting in the wasting of prepared food. Starting this year, we would like to avoid this wasting of food by requiring people who do not show up for a meal to pay for the expenses (10 USD/13,000 KRW per lunch;50 USD/70,000KRW for the banquet). To be eligible for free lunches and banquet, you should formally agree to pay for any missed lunches and/or the banquet in the online registration form.

    - Registration form (click here)
Early (Free) pre-registration
- by March 31 for international presenters
- by April 15 for all participants and audience 
• Note: Pre-registration (for both presenters and general audience) by April 23 will include (1) admission, (2) program handbook, (3) two lunches, and (4) banquet.

Please follow the appropriate link below to submit the pre-registration form.

    - Registration form (click here)

Internatinal Presenters (affiliated with a foreign institute, travelling from abraod) must submit the pre-registration form no later than March 31, 2023 to be guaranteed for free accommodation.
All other attendants/presenters (incldugin both international and domestic non-presenters) must submit the pre-registration by April 20 for free registration.
• For further information, please check the conference website or contact us at 

Late Pre-registration (with reduced fees)
- by May 5 10
Student: 20 USD (or 25,000 Korean Won)
• Non-student: 40 USD (or 50,000 Korean Won)
• Note: Pre-registration by May 10 will include (1) admission, (2) program handbook, (3) two lunches, and (4) banquet.

International attendants who have missed the free registration deadline may register online first and pay the fees at the onsite registration desk, provided that they send e-tickets to us at  by May 10
• Domestic attendants who have missed the free registration deadline may register online and wire the fees to the bank account given below. Please note that for students who missed the free registration deadline, registration will remain free until May 21st.

(수협) 0010-7932-8826 (예금주: 이지영)

    - Registration form (click here)

On-site registration (08:20~)
• Student: 40 USD (or 50,000 Korean Won)
• Non-student: 80 USD (or 100,000 Korean Won)
• Note: Pre-registration by April 15 will include (1) admission, (2) program handbook, (3) two lunches, and (4) banquet.