Our Mission and Goal
“Department of Mass Media and Scenario Contents” in Hanyang University Graduate School is based on the curriculum of 'pop culture', 'media culture', 'video scenario contents', 'game contents', 'Korean culture vision', etc. This is a master's and doctoral course that comprehensively researches and educates content, digital information and media.
In other words, we aim to develop talents who have an eye on media culture theory and criticism, video scenario and entertainment game industry through the theory and practical education on digital culture, cultural phenomena and media culture industry, Korea's media culture and the world's media culture.

Major and Focus
Major and Focus Outline
Popular Culture Criticism This course studies the theoretical foundation and critical analysis of the macroscopic perspectives of contemporary popular culture research, the popularity of cultural phenomena, the media and cultural industry, art and performance texts.
Visual Scenario We aim to cultivate entertainment game scenario writers by combining education with theory and practical skills for entertainment culture industry theory and various genres of entertainment games.
Game Scenario This course aims to cultivate entertaining game scenario writers by combining education with theories and practical skills for the entertainment culture industry and various genres of entertainment games.