Landscape & Urban Ecosystems Lab
The overarching theme of our research is to study and understand the complex interrelationships between ecosystem services and human health and well-being and to find solutions or alternatives to support sustainable futures. Our research focuses on urban vegetation and its effects on environmental quality and human health, in particular the urban ecosystem services provided by green infrastructure. The specific focus is on the impact of urban forests and the value they provide for city residents (broadly defined), and, more generally, on ecosystem services. Current research focuses on Urban Forestry, Urban Greening / Green Infrastructure, Ecosystem Services, Urban Resilience and adaptation for Climate Change.

We are passionate about sharing ecological design approaches and models. Our interest here is to explore the role of landscape architecture in supporting urban sustainability to improve environmental quality and human health and well-being.

Research Interests

Urban Ecology, Urban Forestry, Green Infrastructure, Climate Change, Ecosystem Services, Resilient Landscapes, Landscape Urbanism, Urban Social-Ecological System, Ecosystem Service Assessment, Landscape Ecology, Ecological and Sustainable Design / Planning, Urban Regeneration and Renewal, Nature and Human Health and Well-Being.


Gunwoo Kim, Ph.D., ASLA
Assistant Professor and Chair of the Department of Landscape Architecture
Graduate School of Urban Studies l Graduate School of Engineering
Director of the Landscape & Urban Ecosystems Lab
Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea
Phone: 82 2 2220 0274