How many hours will be conducted per course?

Academic courses run for 270 minutes(4.5 hours) each day, five days a week (Mon ~ Fri), for 2 weeks (45 contact hours per course).

Elective courses run for 180 minutes each day, 5 days per session (15 contact hours per course). For detail schedule of the elective courses, please refer to the calendar.

How can I find out my result fo admission?

Once we verify your tuition fee completely transffered, you will get a letter of Admission via email.
Your application staus will be changed to "Admitted" and you are able to check your current status through your application webpage in the meantime.

Can I take only one class per session?

Students may take only one class per session, however, there is no tuition discount/refund.

Do I have to pay my fees in Korean won?

If your local bank deals in the international monetary transfer, it is okay to just send your local currency. The receiving bank will change whatever currency they receive to Korean won, and the deposited amount will show as KRW on your application information.

How many courses can I take?

You can take maximum 2 courses which include 1 academic course and 1 elective course.

How can I get HIWS credits to be transffered to my home university?

All HIWS courses are credit-bearing courses and are acknowledged at most universities. However, it is best that you consult your academic advisor or the department head from the home university to make sure about the details.

It is student's responsibility and home university's right to consult and transfer the credits. 

Are meals included in the housing fee?

Housing fee does not include a meal plan.
The cafeteria at Student Residence Hall #2 serves three meals a day, and open to all students. The meals on the school cafeteria range from KRW 3,000 to KRW 10,000.

What can I do if I cannot sign up for the course because it has already been filled?

It is recommended to check whether it is filled or not, frequently during the add/drop period.
After classes begin, you can still attend the course if you have admission of professor.
In this case, you must fill out the "Course Petition Slip" which can be picked up at HIWS office and get the signature of the professor on it. Then submit it to the office before the 3rd day of the course.